Korg Pandora PX5D for Linux

A native library and editor for the Korg Pandora PX5D finally on Linux !

Pandora PX5D on Linux


The Pandora PX5D is a portable multi-effects processor for guitar and bass made by Korg.

It is an amazing tool for guitar and bass players, comes with an USB-Audio interface allowing to use it as a sound card which works out-of-the-box on Linux.

It also has USB-MIDI interface for which support has been added in Linux Kernel 3.0, allowing to use the Windows editor made by Korg via Wine and now allowing to have  a native Linux editor, as the Pandora uses MIDI-sysex messages to communicate with its editor.

This project aims to build a small library to be able to connect to the PX5D, and edit/manage presets with a GUI which is much more practicle than using the unit itself when you're home and connected to USB.

Mimicing the Windows editor from Korg is the basic target, then new features not present on the windows version could be implemented (relay standard midi program changes, link MIDI controllers to parameters, ...)

The project relies on the following libraries:

  • QT (for the GUI only)
  • ALSA
  • pthread
  • RtMidi (which comes bundled with the project)

which should allow easy compilation for most distributions.

Current Status

Current Status of the project as of September 30th 2012:

  • Library & GUI project set up.
  • Pandora detection and connection working.
  • Getting current program number, name and enabled modules works.
  • Changing program number works.
  • Full preset edition works!

Next on the TODO list:

  • handle saving/loading all presets to disk
  • handle the drum machine



Currently the application must be built manually, as no package have been made available yet (a package for ARCH Linux via Aur will be made available very soon, other packagers maintainers welcome!).

PX5DEditor v0.1.0 "Tempus Fugit" (stable):

Download the tar.gz source archive from: https://github.com/soulfish/px5deditor/tarball/v0.1.0  (2012-10-12)

You will find build instructions in the INSTALL file present in the archive.

Development Version (unstable):

The development version can be obtained from the dedicated github page from the "develop" branch.


If you need help building the application, have suggestions, bug reports, please add a comment below. You can also file bugs on the github page if you have an account there.

But I recommend getting in touch via the dedicated Google+ Community: https://plus.google.com/communities/100850209984002512583



Hey! Thanks! Will there be an easy way to install this on Ubuntu ?

I just downloaded and compiled the sources and everything works on my Ubuntu sys.

Good job, Frédéric.


Frédéric Jaume's picture

Thanks! Next version is on its way. Not much feedback on this one, so I'm taking my time. wink

Nide app!! Could it be possible to edit chanis and songs from your app? Or in other case, is it posible from linux? Sorry for my english :)

Frédéric Jaume's picture

Hi Héctor! Thank you for the feeback! :) Editing chains and songs is planned! But I can't tell when it will be available. I had to put the project to sleep for a few weeks, I should be able to start working again on this by the end of this month. Stay tuned! ;)

I've just got my little box one week ago, and I didn't even expect I could find such a great guy to do this job. I'm just a beginner in bass and newb to linux, but man, feel free to ask me french translation ;-)) Blague à part, (feel free although, I'll do my best), did you see in the Windows software 1.02 change log that there is a fix that prevents PS5D memory corruption that can happen on clear/paste:
"-When Clear or Paste is executed in "PX5D" tab in "Chain" tab, the memory of PX5D might be damaged.
- The error message is not displayed when "Save" menu command fails.
- The preset program data is different from PX5D."
Maybe just Windows issues, but just to say.

Another thing, mine seems to be enclosed in a plain metal (molded aluminium), but the batteries trap and knobs/jacks side that remain plastics.

For Ubuntu, maybe we'll have to tweak/add some udev rules as I needed to do with my smartphone, but foin d'hypothèses, let's try !!!!

Frédéric Jaume's picture

Merci for the tips on the Windows version! I guess it's only a fix in the software, not in the firmware. I don't think the PX5D has upgradable firmware. I'm not working on the Chain/Drum Machine part yet. But I found time to progress on program list loading, though now I have to think about a few changes to the UI.

What are the problems with Ubuntu ?

By the way, anybody thinks it would be better to have a Google+ page to share news and comments about this software ?

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I have just created a Google+ Community for the project, check it out at:


Please prefer this community to share thoughts about the editor!

Hi SoulFish
A guy helped to compile for Ubuntu. The problem is: I can't find the knob to turn backlit on/off ;-))
Okay, a joke. Please go on; It's a beautiful work. Also saw you added frendly names for the amps, cool;
About google, I'm just sorry I'm allergic. Don't matter

Frédéric Jaume's picture

I will surely make Arch packages and probably try to build Ubuntu packages someday, when the app is more feature-complete. I have not tried to build on Ubuntu 13.04 yet, I hope it's ok.

I wish I could add a knob for the backlit ;) but this is part of the features of the unit that do not send/receive midi events unfortunately.

Any ideas for alternatives to Google+/FB that would be better than commenting on this article ? I'm fine with comments, but I guess for some people it may be easier to exchange ideas via a social network of some kind.

Glad you like the software, some bugs still, but it's getting better. Should release more often though. Next version shouldn't be long.

Hi Frédéric
A side question please. As a Linux user, did you reached to use the PX5D as an external usb soundcard with Jack? In mine it shows analog and s/pdif.

Frédéric Jaume's picture

Hi Fabrice!

Sure, the PX5D has always shown as a standard USB audio device in Jack, out of the box. You might have to enable that in the Utility menu of the Pandora first.

hmm, I can't see anything to enable, USBSEND & USBRCV are only things to set levels. AUX>USB is for other purpose.
My sound settings in ubuntu show digital s/pdif and analog stereo i/o's for the Pandora.
Should I select one of them for system sound (s/pdif or ana?) before I launch jack?
Thank you

Frédéric Jaume's picture

That's strange, here I see two entries in the available devices for the Pandora in Jack: "hw:PX5D (PANDORA PX5D)" and "hw:PX5D,0 (USB Audio)". What does lsusb give on your system ? You should see "0944:0200 KORG, Inc." somewhere. What kernel version do you have ? Kernel 3.12.9 is working fine here.

kernel 3.8.0-35
qjackctl 0.3.9
lsusb|grep K
Bus 003 Device 003: ID 0944:0200 KORG, Inc.
devices for the Pandora in Jack: "hw:1 (PANDORA PX5D)" and "hw:1,0 (USB Audio)"
This last slightly differs from yours
Should I set hw:1 or hw:1,0 in Interface or in Input device/Output device ?
The guy Pablo told me that jack must be launched with qjackctl before apps can use it. In fact with mplayer -ao jack test.wav I can now hear the sound (left only) in the headphones plugged in the analog out of the pandora :)

Frédéric Jaume's picture

If you're not familiar with Jack, you should check out Jack tutorials first as that might be quite useful. You can use VLC or Clementine to test your Jack outpout, both have a plugin to use Jack as their output. Using QJackCtl, start Jack before launching any other application, as some apps may lock the audio system. You will see that easily in QJackCtl (errors in messages window, or simply the icon not turning green). You should try Jack with you default soundcard first, and check that it works. Check out ProAudio/DAW tutorials for Ubuntu (I can't help, I'm using Arch), you might find a lot of useful information there.

As for the Pandora, both devices should work. Check out my config for QJackCtl to use the Pandora as the main soundcard (set that before starting Jack, or restart after any change):


Hi Frédéric
The man who makes qjackctl told me to force 16b, 3 périods/buffer and disable djackbus.
Still same issue
As I also enabled verbose and found something like a fallback to 44.1kHz when jackd links my Pandora.
Please can you check this with your's. I saw in linuxmusicians.org that your pandora works like a charm since 2011 :) , and also in alsa-devel@alsa-project.org that you posted patch/quirk for the Pandora MIDI I/F, although I can't find the Pandora listed in the http://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Matrix:Vendor-Korg :(
Should I register there and submit things?


Thanks for the picture Frédéric.
I tested jack with a pc app (mplayer -ao jack test.wav) and I heard the sound in the headphone plugged in the Pandora... good beginning isn't it?

I set the same as you, but I still get this odd behaviour, d-bus error stating can't launch jack when the box is off (I'd say this is normal as it can't honnour the selected i/o devices), but when I fire the box on, then start jack with qjackctl, qjackctl messages window shows this (notice 48k info):
jack server is not running or cannot be started <--last message when Pandora is OFF.
22:56:01.133 Changement du graphique des connexions ALSA. <-- Pandora ON
22:56:01.136 DBUS : le serveur JACK a été démarré (org.jackaudio.service soit jackdbus).
22:56:01.144 Changement du graphique des connexions ALSA.
Wed Feb 19 22:56:00 2014: Starting jack server...
Wed Feb 19 22:56:01 2014: JACK server starting in realtime mode with priority 89
Wed Feb 19 22:56:01 2014: Acquired audio card Audio1
Wed Feb 19 22:56:01 2014: creating alsa driver ... hw:1,0|hw:1,0|256|2|48000|2|2|nomon|swmeter|-|32bit
Wed Feb 19 22:56:01 2014: configuring for 48000Hz, period = 256 frames (5.3 ms), buffer = 2 periods
Wed Feb 19 22:56:01 2014: ALSA: final selected sample format for capture: 16bit little-endian
Wed Feb 19 22:56:01 2014: ALSA: use 2 periods for capture
Wed Feb 19 22:56:01 2014: ALSA: final selected sample format for playback: 16bit little-endian
Wed Feb 19 22:56:01 2014: ALSA: use 2 periods for playback
Wed Feb 19 22:56:01 2014: port created: Midi-Through:midi/playback_1
Wed Feb 19 22:56:01 2014: port created: Midi-Through:midi/capture_1
Wed Feb 19 22:56:01 2014: port created: PANDORA-PX5D:midi/playback_1
Wed Feb 19 22:56:01 2014: port created: PANDORA-PX5D:midi/capture_1
Wed Feb 19 22:56:01 2014: graph reorder: new port 'system:capture_1'
Wed Feb 19 22:56:01 2014: New client 'system' with PID 0
Wed Feb 19 22:56:01 2014: graph reorder: new port 'system:capture_2'
Wed Feb 19 22:56:01 2014: graph reorder: new port 'system:playback_1'
Wed Feb 19 22:56:01 2014: graph reorder: new port 'system:playback_2'
Wed Feb 19 22:56:01 2014: graph reorder: new port 'system:midi_capture_1'
Wed Feb 19 22:56:01 2014: graph reorder: new port 'system:midi_playback_1'
Wed Feb 19 22:56:01 2014: graph reorder: new port 'system:midi_capture_2'
Wed Feb 19 22:56:01 2014: graph reorder: new port 'system:midi_playback_2'
Wed Feb 19 22:56:02 2014: Saving settings to "/home/fab/.config/jack/conf.xml" ...
22:56:03.358 Changement des connexions JACK.
22:56:03.359 Configuration du serveur enregistrée dans « /home/fab/.jackdrc ».
22:56:03.360 Réinitialisation des statistiques.
22:56:03.369 Client activé.
22:56:03.378 Changement du graphique des connexions JACK.
Wed Feb 19 22:56:03 2014: New client 'qjackctl' with PID 13186
22:59:44.251 Récupération désynchronisation (XRUN) (1).
22:59:45.614 Récupération de désynchronisation (XRUN) (68 sauté).
22:59:47.621 Récupération de désynchronisation (XRUN) (99 sauté).
22:59:49.626 Récupération de désynchronisation (XRUN) (99 sauté).
22:59:51.631 Récupération de désynchronisation (XRUN) (99 sauté).
22:59:53.636 Récupération de désynchronisation (XRUN) (100 sauté).
22:59:55.641 Récupération de désynchronisation (XRUN) (18 sauté).

but the main window displays 44100Hz and when I launch my app (Jamulus) it fails (48k ***required***).
When I run with the default qjackctl presets (48k and the laptop onboard sound card), Jamulus launches fine, but this not useful for me as the Pandora is now out of the playground... ???
I'll post my puzzle-sillyness in http://forum.ubuntu-fr.org/viewforum.php?id=17

bye bye and thank you for trying to help me. Although I think I'll follow you in accoustics, no wire no bits

Hi. Is there a windows version too?

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Hi. It is impossible to build the project.
Gives an error:
/usr/bin/ld: CMakeFiles/px5deditor.dir/engine/RtMidi.cpp.o: undefined reference to symbol«pthread_create@@GLIBC_2.2.5»/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libpthread.so.0: error adding symbols: DSO missing from command line
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
Help me, please.

Frédéric Jaume's picture

Hi !

Sorry for the late reply. Maybe a depency issue ? What distribution and version do you use ?

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